Tabular Modelling in Visual Studio/SSDT/SSAS


Do you have any plans to provide content on the benefits of using Tabular Modelling in SSAS Visual Studio as a data source?
All the content you’ve provided so far which is great by the way :slight_smile: is show in import query (which makes sense). I’ve found that when your using data that has millions of rows per fact table and you have multiple fact tables of that size Visual Studio does a better job of refreshing data, partitions, perspectives etc. Power Bi is basically the same as Visual Studio as they both have the SSAS engine :+1:t5::ok_hand:t5:Bi Desktop. Just think it would be handy for people that have massive data models.


I will look into this. It’s not on the immediate radar, but have had a few mention this.

I will place this on the list and look to implement something for the future. Will send through updates for course content in the near future.