Table is showing nothing on Data View

Hi Everyone,

Having issues with a table, can see the details of the table on Power Query Editor but in Power BI, it is blank.

Please, what can be the problem?

Hi @aroloyefolajimi,

Can you please upload your file or supporting documentation so we can help you further?

Are you clicking on Closing and apply within the Power Query editor?


Hello @aroloyefolajimi,

Thank You for posting your query onto the Forum.

Can please explain about how you’re fetching your data?

Is it simply the Excel or CSV file? or getting fetched from the Server?

One of the first option you can try is using the “Clear Cache” option and then “Restarting” your Power BI Desktop.

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Thanks for the quick response @Keith @Harsh

The image above is the best i can share as the document is a sensitive one,

On Power Query Editior, i can see the data but in the Data View Session, i cannot see anything

It is an Excel file, the other data i am using for the report is from a server

can you share the m coding that will create the table within the query editor?
do you get an error when you click on “close and apply”?

The data is from an Excel file, there is no error in power query editor .

Surprised why i am not seeing it on Power BI Data View, tried using Table Chart Type and i can still see the data on the Report pane but can’t see anything on the Data Pane

try rebooting your pc.

Without seeing the code its hard to find out what is happening

Source = Excel.Workbook(File.Contents(“C:\Users\Folajimi.Aroloye\Documents\s.xlsx”), null, true),
Sheet1_Sheet = Source{[Item=“Sheet1”,Kind=“Sheet”]}[Data],
#“Changed Type” = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Sheet1_Sheet,{{“Column1”, type text}, {“Column2”, type text}, {“Column3”, type text}, {“Column4”, type text}, {“Column5”, type text}, {“Column6”, type text}, {“Column7”, type text}, {“Column8”, type text}}),
#“Promoted Headers” = Table.PromoteHeaders(#“Changed Type”, [PromoteAllScalars=true]),
#“Changed Type1” = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#“Promoted Headers”,{{“Complaint Category”, type text}, {“Sub-category”, type text}, {“Resolving UnIT DEPARTMENT”, type text}, {“Current SLA”, type text}, {“New SLA”, type text}, {“CBN SLA”, type text}, {"Code ", type text}, {“Stakeholder’s debate”, type text}}),
#“Renamed Columns” = Table.RenameColumns(#“Changed Type1”,{{“Sub-category”, “Product Name”}, {“Complaint Category”, “Product Category”}}),
#“Removed Columns” = Table.RemoveColumns(#“Renamed Columns”,{“Stakeholder’s debate”})
#“Removed Columns”

@Keith That is the code and i have restarted my PC, it is still not working

I don’t see anything wrong with the code.
Maybe @Harsh sees something.

i don’t know unless you aren’t letting the file load when you click on close and apply

@Keith Like i said the data is showing in the report pane when i use a Table Chart Type, i am just not sure where the error is coming from


Did you put any values on the report tab?


just a thought.

Yes and i can see the data on the Report Tab using the different Charts in the Visualization Pane but can’t see anything on the Data Tab


Just thought, could you have alot of blank rows in excel file that you are importing into power bi. The blank row could be right at the start of your data. Try scrolling down the data within the data tab.


Thanks for your time @Keith,

Really appreciate it, it worked.

It was caused by too many blanks rows, did not notice it on the Excel Sheet but it has been corrected.

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you are welcome @aroloyefolajimi