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Table and column Metadata

In a course of development I may change the source for a query multiple times. I have started always putting a remove other columns as my last step in the Query editor to try to minimalise the impact of changes.

How do I know when I have the old query and the new that the column names and data types are the same? I guiess also some sort of sense check of the data may be a follow up question.

So in SQL Server I would use sysobjects and syscolumns to give me a list of columns and how they are defined for a table and then compare the column names and data type definitions.

I have tried %SYSTEM.DBSCHHEMA_COLUMNS but this only appears to give a list of column names


Hi @ells


SELECT dimension_name, attribute_name, DataType            
WHERE dimension_name = 'YOUR TABLE NAME'

just what I was looking for.
Many Thanks

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