Synchronize all of the filters between two or more pages

Please, tell me.
I clarified and rephrased my question.
A more specific question:
How do I sync filters on 2 or more pages? That is, how to go to any page by saving the same filters made on the original page.

  • Not only slice filters, but also any visualizations, such as a bar chart. Unfortunately, the cross-section synchronization solution does not synchronize filters from the same column chart.

  • Options with bookmarks (which only translates by clicking on the icon) do not distribute the selected filters. This is only for navigation

  • The drillthrogh solution only partially solves my question: it allows you to go to the desired page, but when you return back or to another page, all previously selected filters are reset too.

Hi @AlexZi

Can you please explain a bit what exactly are you looking for? Sorry I didn’t got your point.

Hi @AlexZi,

In this video you could find some useful ideas

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Sorry for the ambiguity of the question. I rephrased my question.

Thank you a lot! But it is not what I want. Sorry for the ambiguity of the question. I rephrased my question.

Hi @AlexZi

Just select your slicer (let’s say date slicer) and then go to view to select the sync slicer option, you can choose to show the same filter on all the pages or just sync it on all pages once you make changes in main page.

@kkrj.ankit thank you!
My case has a main sheet with a couple of slices and a lot of small bar charts. Unfortunately, by default, chart filters do not apply to slices or other sheets. Based on this scenario, I have to:

  1. convert bar charts to slices (or make them additionally)
  2. filter each slice by some measure
  1. use the synchronization of slices to the desired pages.

And only after these 3 steps my goal is achieved. Alas, if I correctly understood that this is the only solution, then I will have to make a lot of settings.