Switching dimension table and fact table

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I am playing around with the data from the publicly available StackOverflow2010 database (from the StackOverflow website) in Power BI, and i have created a data model like this.

The PostsSubset table is a subset of the Posts table, and the vwTagNameAndPostID is a view holding post IDs and the tag names retrieved from the Tag column in Posts table.

By default, the cross filter direction for the relationship is single, and PostsSubset is on the one side(dimension table), vwTagNameAndPostId is on the many side(fact table). Ideally this situation should be reversed as the vwTagNameAndPostId is holding more like categorical values while the PostsSubset is holding more like quantitative values such as '‘Score’, ‘SolutionMinutes’ etc…May i ask if there is a way that can switch the relationship between those two tables?

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Here’s some quick ideas for you.

Fact Table = Opportunities Analysis

Lookup Tables = All the rest.

To understand how to work with these table I have to advise going through this section of this course here. This is essential!

This covers everything you need and know about how to model your data. If you watch these videos you’ll have your model sorted in 5 mins. I’m confident in that.

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