Switch with Mutliple or All

I am trying to create a switch statement with Multiple measures or with all measures.
for example, I have a line chart which has sales data for 2016,2017, 2018 and 2019

Initially when the user opens the dashboard, they will see all the sales data by month on the line chart. How can i give them the option to dynamically compare the data between any year. I mean they should be able to pick and choose any number of years to compare the sales.

Hope I am clear.


What if you used the Matrix visual and put

Product, customer , or what ever in the rows
Total sales in Values
Years in columns

That way everything is displayed and can be sliced by month or what ever you need to show.



Hello again,

If you really do need a line chart I wouldn’t use switch

I’d create a total Sales Measure for each of your years and put them all into the values for the line chart Then put Month in the axis

This can still be sliced any way you want