Switch between Filter combination from user selection

Hello, I have 3 different filter/slicers having their own categories and two date ranges(Min and Max). I am trying to build a SWITCH statement that will redirect the user to other external sites as filter query feed based on the combination of filters selected. But my concern is because there are 5 filters, there will 5! combinations(i.e 25 :upside_down_face:)
like when all 5 selected, (when 4 selected and 1 unselected(blank)), (when 3 selected and 2 unselected (blank)),…
so my statement starts
Result 1 =

… up to different combinations.i.e [SITE1],[SITE2],… are predefined measure for d/t site links based on d/t combination of user selection.

I feel this isn’t the best approach.
Therefore I am trying to get your ideas and clues on how to approach this one.
Thanks a lot!

Hi @jojo

What you’ve done would be the general approach.

Have you considered using the selection as part of the URL itself? This may help you reduce the number of cases required or eliminate the need for the switch.


varURL = "http://www.somesite/" & varSelection1 & "/" & varSelection2

Hi @samaguire,

A selection as part of the URL itself is the approach I followed, but the URL string varies as per the type and number of selection and there are constant string i must in the URL definition, so I can not use a single URL string definition, and there is no way I can remove “no selection” from the URL string
if I use the same generic URL.
If all selected : varURL = “http://www.somesite/” & “string-x” & varSelection1 & “string-y” & “/” & varSelection2,…-------This works fine however

If say two filters selected and one other filter is not selected: this scenario breaks the URL, as there is no way I can remove the constant string even if I default the “selected value” to the unselected filter tobe blank().

You could try surrounding the constant tring in an if statement that inserts the string as required based on the “selected value” value.

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@samaguire, Thank you! that worked! and now evaluating the performance.

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