SUMX vs row by row multiplication

I have an issue using SUMX and simple multiplication of row by row.
I have the following table
image .
The column Estimated_number_of animal_fed_by_Purina is

and the column Ingredient _Tons x Number_of_Head_fed_per_year_per_ton is

I would assume that these two columns would give me the same results, but they are not.
why is that? thank you


Unless you exactly know what you are doing, I would suggest avoiding including measures into iterator functions as this causes what we call context transition. As a result, your SUMX may not behave as you would expect.



HI @gusdcruz,

Your 2nd formula is not correct as the first argument of SUM does not do context transition. So, in every row, it will multiply [Total SUM] with your measure instead of sum of that row.

You can watch below video to understand context transition. I believe if you simply wrap first argument of 2nd formula around calculate, it will give same result. Calculate will just do context transition.

Try like : Calculate(SUM(‘Dairy_Selenium’[Ingredient_Tons]))*[Number_of_head_fed_per_year_per_ton]

Check out these videos below to understand the difference a bit better

It’s all about the context created within the formula.

I also wouldn’t place multiplication inside a SUM. You would rather place the multiplication outside the sum.


=SUM( columnname) * measure


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Thanks everyone for the helpful information and the videos, I have watched all of them and in my case I will use SUMX.