Summing quantities for specified period in the future


Hi, I am attempting to calculate some future forecast trends but I am having trouble summing totals for specific periods of time. I essentially need to be able to sum the next 3, 6 and 12 month forecast based off the earliest date in my forecast file (LATEST S&OP ACTUAL). My attempt is blow but it is not working and just calculates the whole file rather than the specified number of days (in the below statement 93 days). Any ideas on this one?

Rolling 6 month Forecast Qty (units) = CALCULATE([YTG Forecast],DATESBETWEEN(Dates[Date],MIN(‘Latest_S&OP Actual’[Date Value])+93,MIN(‘Latest_S&OP Actual’[Date Value])))


Is it possible to show these results in a table so that we can see what totals you are getting.

You will likely need to use some of the techniques reviewed in these tutorials.

Certainly review these as these usually give users ideas around what to do.


Hi, thank you - I am working my way through these