Summarize with filtered measure


I am watching the tutorial about using the function summarize and the example is showed below:

I am wondering is that possible to put a filter on the measure of total sales? for example, only total sales larger than 1,000,000 will be summarized in this table. I tried this:
summarize =
VAR NoFilter = SUMMARIZE(‘Regions Table’, ‘Regions Table’[City], “Total Sales”, [Total Sales])
FILTER(NoFilter, [Total Sales] >1,000,000)

but, it showed an error said “invalid bindings specified”. What is the correct way to achieve this? thanks!


Try this:

Virtual Table Filtered = 
        Regions, Regions[City],
        "Total City Sales", [Total Sales]
    [Total City Sales] > 1000000

I’ve not seen that “invalid bindings” error before , but “1,000,000” (as opposed to 1000000) in your filter condition will cause problems.

  • Brian


Definitely never seen that error before, but looks likes @BrianJ solution works.

Also, might want to be careful adding calculated columns in the summarized function. Usually not a problem but when you mix together a filter and the row context in one function it can lead to some interesting results and could be a potential performance hit. I’d use AddColumns and then summarized

       ‘Regions Table’, 
       ‘Regions Table’[City]
    “Total Sales”, [Total Sales]


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Thanks - nice catch.

thanks all, that works!