Sumif equivalent in Power BI

Hello guys,

I usually use the SumIf formula in Excel if I want to compare the score of an item in my database on a particular variable with the scores of the group. How do I do this in Power BI? What formula can I use in a new a column?

To be clearer, here is a sample of my data:

You are going to want to review the CALCULATE function in DAX. Here is one of Sam’s resources to review.


Ok yes, it seems here you just need to get some fundamentals up your belt here.

Once you do this you’ll realize that you don’t need anything like SUMIF in Power BI.

You need to master ‘context’ and then simple formulas. This is not difficult.

Jump into the below two courses as soon as you can. You’ll learn everything you need here to answer this very easily.

And this one especially

Getting your model right as well is a big part of working with Power BI. So this is my other recommendation for you.

Good luck