Sum of Budget when slicing


Hi Sam,

I have used your aug 2018 budget lesson to create a actuals vs budget report. Everything works great except of one thing. I have actuals 2018 figures and 2019 budget figures. I then want to compare the two to see if anything looks odd. Then I have used the month name to see the differences and that works good. But my problem is when I use a slicer and want to see two months, lets says Jan and Feb. Then the total sum of the budget show up (the full year number), It only works when I have one month selected. Any ideas how I should come around this?



Will need to see image of this I think. It’s difficult to say just by reading this. Could be many things.

If you want to create an example file and share it that would be the most helpful.

This will all be to do with the context of the calculation and the relationships you have in your model.

Really have a deep think about everything happening with the calculation for the total. There will be a solid reason why it’s calculating the full year number.