Sum formula error that makes no sense

I have a simple calculation on labor cost total. For some reason I cannot understand the one line’s are off on two of the three values. I checked the source and pivot tabled to check my numbers no reason I can see.
Left side of pics is Power BI other side excel pivot table.

Any ideas one what is wrong here?


Quite difficult to say just be looking at these.

Could be many things.

Data could be different most likely. I have found DAX to never be wrong. If everything else is the same regarding your measures and your relationships in the model, then it will be either that the data is slightly different or you have different filters (context) on these results that are not that same.

Maybe the date time frames (or context) are slightly off between the two?

That was my opinion but Power BI is looking just at the one table and the pivot table is from the source.

I agree Dax is never. Data issue with some negative journal entries I filtered out.