Struggling with context


Hi there,

I’m struggling to link up two tables in SAP with WBS codes as the common relationship. I basically wanted to ensure that the totals for WBSs were similar in two of our enterprise systems. I tried a one to many relationship initially but got the total of everything, basically $9m vs $97m which I knew the $97m was clearly not right.

I then got the relationship going in both directions which I don’t really understand but the WBS totals were more correctly aligned. I still however had $97m unchanged as my grand total for the second column & was wracking my brain as to why that was. Still no idea, could anyone help?


Really need some images here around the columns and the model, maybe even the results in a table. It’s hard to tell otherwise.

You really where ever possible want to aim for one to many relationships. I would say about 95% of the time.

Making sure you table are optimized for this type of relationship is key.

This course here details all my best practice tips around data modeling.


Thanks Sam, I’m doing the DAX calculations course now but will definitely do that one next