Streaming Power BI with on-premises database through Powershell


Hi everyone,

For the production environment I’m working in I am figuring out a way to stream data from our production plant. Now I’ve been told that with the on premises sql database we have this would only be possible through Powershell.

Since I am not very familiar with API’s, and coding I was wondering if someone could share his experiences with streaming data with an on premises sql database. Would appreciate to hear from you all!


Hi Luuk,

This isn’t something I’m to familiar with myself unfortunately. Hopefully some assistance can be gather from other members on this one.


Hi @Luukv93,

I knew I had come across this situation when researching the on-prem version of Power BI versus the hosted service. The following link from Microsoft may get you started:

You would still need the gateway set up between the hosted service and the on-prem data source.

I didn’t go any further with the research because I ended up going with on-prem Power BI and I use nightly data refreshes to meet my needs.