Steps to pitch DATA SOLUTION to the customers

Hi Fellow Power BI Users -

· I’m a SharePoint technical consultant and specializing in cloud solutions for Microsoft Office 365 and Azure.

· As I had some project on Power BI for clients, management direction has put me on completely on Data track and not SharePoint anymore

I will more focus on Data Science and artificial intelligence . I found it very exciting!

· We don’t have much data projects in recent months, being a technical data analyst will be challenging for me.

My Pitch to customers

· Awareness
I am planning to do more data workshops (every quarter 2019) for prospective or existing customers base.

Showcase how they leverage the Power of data in their organization such as showcasing Power BI samples and artificial intelligence .

· User Adoption: How to use Office 365 services (SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams etc.) and specifically on Data part / Artificial Intelligence (Power BI) to get more cost savings and more productivity to the customers.

· Offerings: User Training
Provide 1-day or 3-days Power BI training to the customer and it will a paid service.

· Offerings: Professional Services
Once we get an enablement the users’ workshops, user adoption, training , I plan to get proof on concept (POC) using Power BI first (I am still learning Power BI from your videos) and if customer likes our reports, I can go for full-fledged data solution.
Will be learning other parts such as Azure SQL database, Data warehousing and AI such as Python programming etc.

Q: Can you please help me what else I can offer to the customers or anything that comes to your mind that we can make data solutions that really EXCITE them?


There’s not a huge amount more advice I can offer other than what you are already doing.

The reality is client and customers like to see information and visuals that really make a difference.

Are the insights going to save them time, make them more money, empower better decisions.

If you can create showcases and reports that showcase this then you’ll have no problem impressing client and securing more work.

Thanks Sam. Wishing you Merry Christmas and successful new year,.