Stacked Bar Chart Two Columns

I was wondering if it was possible to have a stacked bar chart from two DAX Measures or adding two additional columns in my tables. This is very simple in excel by doing SUMIFs off the main table and then doing a chart off of those values.

I’m wanting to stack scheduled hours and unscheduled hours so it visually shows how much of professional service hours are scheduled


James Dennis

Hi @james8992

If this is what you are looking for

There are two measures
Unscheduled Hours = Sumx(Hours,Hours[Unscheduled Hours])
ScheduledHours = Sumx(Hours,Hours[Scheduled Hours])

Then you can drag the Project Manager in the Axis Field and these 2 measures in the Values field. ( I have only entered some data from your snapshot so it is not showing everything).

Please let us know if it works.



Well that was humbling. I had a value already in the “Legend” and it only would allow one value in the Value. Once I removed it, it totally worked.

Thank you so much Najah for the quick reply.

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You are most welcome @james8992, I am really happy that it worked for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a good day