SSMS xmla authentication

Hi guys

I’m struggling to connect to a Power Bi dataset from SSMS. This is the first time I’ve done this on new laptop running SQL Server 2022 Express. The workspace is Premium per user and the XMLA end point is set as read/write, I’ve also allowed XMLA end points and analyze in excel.

When logging in via SSMS i get error message - “Unable to obtain authentication token using the credentials provided” and “Unsupported User Type ‘Unknown’.”.

Interestingly the authentication dropdown has changed to Microsoft Entra MFA - used to be AAD.

I’ve checked the trouble shooting guides but am at a loss.Where do I need to go to suss this out?


Hi BINavPete, I have successfully connected to the XMLA with the following…
In the Connect to Server dialog box, select Analysis Services as Server type. Server name should start with powerbi://api… (you can get this from the Dataset settings). Authentication to Microsoft Entra MFA. User name is the full email address of user that has PowerBI licence. The email/user has 2 factor authentication enabled and Admin portal Users can work with datasets in Excel using a live connection ticked.

Thanks @marcster_uk. Email address was the missing piece!

You’re a lifesaver