SQL Workout 5 - Database Query Examples

Database Query Challenge

Project Description:

Craft complex SQL queries to extract meaningful insights from a customer database with multiple related tables.

Use Data Mentor to run these queries


  1. Write a SQL query to find the top 10 customers by total spending.
  2. Create a query to identify customers who have not made any purchases in the last year.
  3. Generate a report showing monthly sales trends by product category.
  4. Develop a query to find duplicate records in the customer table and suggest a method to resolve them.

Expected Outcome:

A series of SQL scripts that demonstrate efficient data extraction and report generation capabilities.



Working through Data Mentor to answer these. I love DM! Hopefully you do.

I learn a lot just by working through queries and building up threads.

Here’s my thread for this one.

One thing I find interesting these days, is that you don’t need to know how to write code like SQL anymore, you just need to understand it and learn how to use AI to help create and iterate on it. It’s the best form of learning and being more productive.


Hi there,

I really like Datamentor/EDNA AI tools built within the EDNA platform

Please find attached link to Datamentor for this workout.

thanks for the workout.