SQL Data and power bi - data refresh

i have created views on my sql server is exposes the underlying sql data to power bi dataset. My question is how does the user refresh the power bi report so they can look at the latest data exposed by SQL view.
The only way I can currently handle this situation is to schedule power bi report to update the data set on a scheduled task. Is there a way by which the user can force the report to refresh the data exposed by the view from the sql server directly?

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Hi @C9411010. I’m guessing your dataset is in Import mode and that you’re using the on-premisis gateway, in which case the dataset will only be refreshed at the scheduled refresh frequency. If you want up-to-the-minute data, try using Direct Query mode or a paginated report. Hope this helps. Greg

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Hello Greg - thank you for responding back…

direct query will not work because do not want to put extra load on the sql server and paginated report is ruled out because of pro license…
so my question is what is the “Refresh Button” on power bi app services doing…

should not the click of the refresh button refresh the data in the dataset from the datasource?

i guess my understanding is that the clicking the refresh button forces the power bi dataset to be refreshed with the latest data from the sql database but what is happening is the front end is refreshed with the information in the data set … which may not be the latest data…

sql database -> power bi dataset -> app service(front end)

You’re right, the Refresh button only pulls the latest information from the dataset. No other ideas. Sorry. Greg

Hello @C9411010,

You can use Power Update for any number of Scheduled Refreshes .
Check this out: https://poweronbi.com/power-update/


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