Split the rows with same Date 1 Common and Date 2 is different

Hello All,

I have the Fact Table Data in the below format.

I created a Date Table
Date Table = calendar(DATE(2020,04,01),DATE(2023,12,31))

And Relationship is like
Active Relationship between Fact[Mat Date] - Date Table[Date]
InActive Relationship between Fact[Avail Date]- Date Table[Date]

My scenario is
I have Same Mat Date for a ID twice but the Avail Date is Different.I want to those 2 records .
For Avail Date,
I used the following DAX
Avail Date = var Avail = CALCULATETABLE(sheet2,USERELATIONSHIP(‘Date Table’[Date],Sheet2[Avail Date]))

var Mat = CALCULATETABLE(Sheet2)


MAXX(DISTINCT(union(Avail,Mat)),Sheet2[Avail Date])
I’m getting this Output.
Can anyone help me out on this.




I wanna thank you for these files you shared here!

If it is in a table visual, can you just add the available date field, it would force the granularity of the table to show all rows, if you use a measure it will calculate something for the current row context but wont create more physical rows, just show an aggregate.

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