Split Column by Delimiter (each occurrence giving error)

Hi Devs

I want to split this column by comma, into each occurrence to have it’s respective column, but when i used the each occurrence using comma as my delimiter, I only have two columns splitted when I was expecting like 50 columns.

Also, it shows this preview warning before returning splitted column. is there a way I can work around this.

Here is the file
split column delimiter.pbix (2.2 MB)
split column delimiter.xlsx (1.3 MB)


Hi @Mubar,

Please provide the actual file so people in the forum can help you. A screen print isn’t much help.

There is alot of trial error getting the split by column. Do you really need 50 columns? Can you get only the information that you need in the file.


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Thanks @Keith
I have update it

thanks for the update. Sorry, i’m mean the origional file that you are trying to split excel file?

I have added it.

Hi @Mubar,

So the only real column that you really want to split is “Req_Response” correct?

That column is really messy, my first thought is go back to your source and see if you can all the columns that you really need in the file that you don’t have split

Is there any better source that you can get the same information from?

Sorry, I think you are going to have alot issues parsing that. they are not all the same length in size.