Split Amount across quarter

I hope you are doing well. Your videos have been incredibly helpful, and I appreciate everything you’ve shared. I have another scenario where I need to split an amount across quarters. Could you please assist me with this using a similar method in Power Query or DAX? I’ve included a link below for your reference.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Allocation.pbix (20.2 KB)

Hi @Amardeep ,

I’m glad you found the videos helpful! Here’s a brief summary on how to split an amount across quarters in Power Query or DAX:

  1. Power Query: Use the M language to create custom columns that allocate the amount based on date ranges. Create a function to determine the quarter and distribute the amounts accordingly.
  2. DAX: Use CALCULATE and FILTER functions to allocate amounts based on quarter logic within your data model.

Additionally, feel free to explore more solutions and tools on Data Mentor.


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Could you please help me to rewrite the DAX OR MCode ?

I am very beginner in this

Hi @Amardeep,

Please see the following link that created within Data Mentor.


Data Mentor can help you with the coding also.

Please review and change what you need to change within.