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Speed of videos

Old DNA site videos have the following speeds.

  • 0.5x
  • 0.75x
  • 1.0x
  • 1.25x
  • 1.5x
    Normally, I use 0.75x speed to watch the video because it allows me to practice the new skills at the same time with the presenter such as Sam Mckay or Melissa de Korte on the videos.
    Now New DNA site videos have missed out 0.75x speed that so it is hard to follow with the presenter. Currently new DNA site videos have different choices.
  • 0.5x
  • 1.0x
  • 1.5x
  • 2.0x
    I know this is a small thing, however, this will be helpful, in particular, beginner users to work with the presenters to learn the new skill set. I hope this 0.75x speed can be added back. It is much appreciated.

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for your feedback. I’ll forward this to Sam and our dev team to see if we can make this change.