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How did you sort Year month as in

Calculating Sales Financial Year to Date in Power BI with DAX - Time intelligence training. I can sort by month but when I use month year, the table sorts by month first then by year. eg 3 January are listed then Feb and so on.


Hi @ElizabethTachjian,

For this you need a auxiliar column that is in the dates table and sort your months using that table.

Go to the resources for that course and download the pbix file that is already finished there, from there go to the tables and see which column is sorting the MonthYear column. You need to sort that column with the MonthnYear auxiliar column and you do this using the option Sort by Column:


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Jorge Galindo

ok. how do I create a month year column to sort in query editor.

Hi @ElizabethTachjian,

You can see how to in this course:

There you will go through query editing for a date table that is created at that course.

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Jorge Galindo