Sort amounts by Type then Account Name

I’d like to Sort this detail of general ledger account balances by they type ( Other Income = 1st, COGS=2nd, Expenses=3rd) and then sort those subsections by account name sorted alphabetically.

Are there any examples that show how to do this type of grouping? Example of my test data below:PoweerBI%20Snip%205

You can do this a couple of ways.

First is to create a template of this table. Have you starting working through the new financial reporting course, I detail this extensively there.

You can also create a index calculated column just using a simple IF statement or SWITCH/TRUE statement.

Something like this.

IF( AccountType = Other Income, 1, IF( AccountType = Cost of Goods Sold, 2 .......etc


AccountType = Other Income, 1,

See how you go with these ideas


Thank you. I will work on this and let you know how it goes.