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Sort a column in a matrix table on a paginated report


I am trying to sort the months (which appear in the column) of a matrix table in a paginated report. However, It does not seem to be working.
As you can see in the image below, my months are not in order.


Any ideas or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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Hey @supergallagher25

How have you tried to sort it so far?


Yes, I have tried to sort the Month Name by the Month Number (integer column).

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Hi @supergallagher25,

Please review this article

I hope this is helpful

What logic did you use for the month sort number expression?

You might need to explicitly declare the month sort number as a number.

Have you tried using the sorting by column groups/group properties at the bottom of the page?


From the Microsoft documentation, it seems to state that if you apply the sort order in your original query then this should apply through to your report.

Let me know how this goes.

Filter, group, and sort data in paginated reports - Microsoft Report Builder & Power BI Report Builder | Microsoft Docs

I just tried it and it worked. I didn’t know there was a sorting option there. Thank you.

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Great, glad to hear it’s sorted.

Paginated Reports, has so many options, they’re hidden all over the place, not always obvious.

Have you ever checked out the PRIAD training? Some useful stuff in there.