Snapshot Dynamic Data


I made a sales reporting dashboard based on SugarCRM which works quiet well. The only thing I am struggling with is to automatically make a snapshot of the salesfunnel (measures) every last day of the month an keep that unchanged. Is there a way to do this in powerbi. Currently I manually write down the numbers every last day of the month, put them in an excel which is then used as input for my report. I personally find this a kind of primitive but could solve it so far. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.


Just so I understand this correctly, are you looking to get a snapshot of what the data look likes historically every single end of month?

This is quite difficult for Power BI as it’s not really set up for this. You would usually do this say at the database layer and then feed a table into Power BI that has all the data.

Here’s a Power BI community post which explains a few options -

None of these really feel much better than what you are doing now, but just other options to review.

Maybe you could also setup a table in a specific format and just export that at the end of every month. Similar to what you are doing now, but saves you have to write it done. You can obviously place your data into many different formats in Power BI and export it however you like.