Small VBA question

Hi DNA Team,

Apologies for posting this question its a bit of a topic but you might be able to help as I can’t achieve the results using excel formula.

I never use VBA in my life. Is it possible if someone could guide me what I am asking is something easy to create for someone who has experienced 5 mins job or just a simple explanation.

In my excel data, I will have data depending on what user select mailto cc body and the subject will appear then Email should be created to outlook.

I am aware that I can achieve it using Hyperlink formula combined with “mailto:” “?Subject=” “&cc=” “&body=” but hyperlink formula has a limit of character to 255.

Since I can’t use hyperlink formula, I can;t create dynamic emails :frowning:

I will appreciate your help, is this is possible.

So the values for the email fields will be in cells in excel: example one column for mailto, one for cc, one for body? and you want to generate emails based on those details?

Hello @AntrikshSharma

Thank you for coming back

Email.xlsx (10.7 KB)

In Column I to M I will always have raw data and examples of emails.

Base on Selection in Column E the correct information will populate then once you click for example “send email” in column G I would like to create an email base on Values in Cell A-D 2. Normally I would do it, using Hyperdlink formula but my body text will contain more than 255 characters.

I would like to create the dynamic email.

Try this: if you are on office 365 you can use early binding version if not then use late binding, if early binding doesn’t works on your system then create reference to library version that is available in your version of excel.

Matty.xlsm (19.6 KB)

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Great Thank you!

Ron de bruin provides a very comprehensive VBA tutorial here. I still sometimes find myself going back to it