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Slicing measure results based on a measure - filtered measure?

Hello Enterprize DNA Forum (annd @Greg)

This is a slightly different query to a previous query - link below:

In this query I asked how to group assignments based on whether they were within a date range. @Greg - thank you for your response.

I’m wondering if there is a way that I can slice my results based on the IN RANGE measure - therefore if I select a Quarter, the results and % measures will only display if they are in that date range?

The image above displays dummy data of the measures, is there a way to filter / slice all these measures by the IN RANGE measure

IN RANGE Sceanrios:

  • the assignment start date is in the selected quarter(s)
  • the assignment end date is in the selected quarter(s)
  • both the assignment start date and end date are in the selected quarter(s)
  • the assignment start date is before the start of the selected quarter(s) and the assignment end date is after the start of the selected quarter(s)
In Range = 
    [Start in Range] = 1, 1,
    [End in Range] = 1, 1,
    [Both in Range] = 1, 1,
    [Both span Range] = 1, 1,

I’ve been seraching dynamic slicers, SELECTEDVALUES, FILTERS etc… and I cant seem to get the correct results. Is this even possible?

Any assitance or advice to point me in the right direction would be fantastic. Or if this is not possible please let me know and I will need to rethink how to slice the data…

eDNA Forum - Quarters_v2.pbix (5.9 MB)

THANK YOU :grinning:


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