Slicers that turn columns on or off


I have a request from a user to add a Received Date column to one of the tables in Power BI - that’s easy to add.

She wants to be able to turn that column on or off at will in the Power BI Service. Can a slicer do this and how would it be setup??

I don’t give the users edit permissions (fewer issues)


Was thinking about this during my commute home.

Will this work if I use bookmarks. One with the column and one with out it??


I don’t think bookmarks will do that for you.

What you could potentially use is the ‘selections pane’


Here’s is where you can turn on or off visuals within reports


Unfortunately not individual columns from what I understand of the feature right now.

There is also possible a way to turn it on or off within a measure. There would be a bit too it when setting it up though.

Essentially it would be very similar to this logic within this tutorial, but you would just have and on/off switch. When turned to ‘off’, you would make the results BLANK(). Then it should go away.


Thanx Sam,

I’m going to start tinkering with this today. Will report back with my results and DAX



Yes Sam is right, but the easiest way to change the visual of a column on or off is to use an image slicer to toggle between the two visuals. (one with the column Received Date and one without)

This can be achieved by using the SELECTION and BOOKMARK functions.

Have a look at this video for the process.



Thanx Garry. I take a look at this this morning.

I had tried bookmarks earlier and didn’t get the response I wanted.


If the user wants a visual with and without a field you need to adopt this method.