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Slicers - Highlight all values if nothing is selected

Hi All

In the current reports, our month filters are displayed as a drop-down but I have changed this orientation to Horizontal which I think looks better.

However, I have received some feedback about the behaviour of the slicer which I don’t think can be changed.

When a user selects a single month/multi-month, that month is highlighted. When I click [select all], all of the months are highlighted. However, if no slicer is selected, it also means select all (indirectly) which confuses them.

Is there a way to force them to choose a value so none of the months can be unhighlighted?

Slicer.pbix (403.0 KB)


Add a condition on the visuals to show a message prompting the user to select one or more choices on the slicer.

Thanks, wasn’t aware of using FX like this.
Let me explore this on my reports.