Slicer to hide one of the values

I have a slicer which shows two values. null and not null.
how is it possible to show only the null value check box only and hide the other?

you can filter any slicer using the filter panel

slicer not filtered

slicer filtered to hide “A” value

in your example, I would like A to be always ticked and B can be changed only.
Is this possible?

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using your example, I am not able to make the following:
A to be always ticked and user not to be able to un-tick it
B to be ticked or un-ticked by the user.
any suggestions?

no, the very nature of a slicer is to allow the user to select and unselect as they choose.

At best, you could create measures that rely on a disconnected table for the check/uncheck status of B. Search for the forum for disconnected table solutions and you’ll see several examples of this.

Once you have that working, it should be simple to modify the measure to add the value of the A filter to the outcome of the B checked or unchecked measure.

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