Slicer row height

Hi All,
Does anyone know if it is possible to reduce the row height on slicers, for example from this:

to this:

It is not vitally important, but screen real estate is limited. I have googled to a number of places & cannot find an answer so far …

With thanks, Nick

Like this?:


Thank you for the very rapid reply. The responsive slicer is what I am doing. But if I make the rows any shallower, the slicer changes to a single row :frowning: yet as shown in the screen shot the month box is nowhere nearly full vertically


@Nickj - have you considered the Chiclet slicer? There is a lot more customization available for that.
here is a screenshot of the standard slicer that is in PowerBI, with the Chiclet right next to it. I turned on backgrounds for both.


Great, that’s much better, thank you!

Glad I could help :smiley: