Slicer Output Message

Is it possible to output a message using the following format, based upon a user’s selection from a week ending date (week ends on the Friday) slicer? This message to be added to a card visual.

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Thank you for bumping my post I appreciate it. I have looked and unfortunately there’s nothing related to my output requirements. Dates present a bit more of a challenge compared to a text output.

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I believe I still need help to solve my slicer output problem. I’m hoping it is still possible?

Selected WeekEnding = CONCATENATEX(

Something like this?

Hi @DavieJoe, thanks very much for looking into this for me. I believe it’s a little bit more complex than that. It requires the ability to identify whole months and differentiate this from just single selected week ending dates.
I have attached my rather crude solution which only partially solves the problem because I don’t know how to place the selections in an Array/Table and have the ability to format it in there using DAX.
I hope my explanation within the PBIX helps move closer to a solution.
Slicer Output.pbix (128.4 KB)

Hi @Kazza

Yep, that was more checking what sort of result you want to see, I am having an issue with the hierarchy element of it. Interesting problem.

I will keep working on it.

Yes it’s a very good challenge hence why I really wanted to see how someone with good DAX skills would solve it.
Appreciate your support!

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