Slicer not working for one measure

Hi there. This is my first post in this forum. I have been studying a lot DAX recently using the resources of enterprise DNA, but I got stuck with the below:

I was able to accomplish in Power Pivot a PL with sub-totals, which was really nice victory.

But when I inserted a slicer for the profit center, there no value in my forecast measure. Measure for actuals is ok. See below.

I tried everything and cant make this work. Below are my data model.

And a summary of my measures.

Any idea why the forecast measure is not being picked up by the slicer?

Any help is much appreciated.

Can you attach the file? reading unformatted DAX code uses all the cores of my brain and then I get nauseous.

Also I see VALUES inside CALCULATE filter argument being used in a predicate, this will break the report in future if not doing right now.

I see at some cells the slicer is working but you are creating a filter context with slicer and then checking for this condition that’s why your forecast measure is not working.Area 3200 2020.xlsx (1.6 MB)

    ISFILTERED ( 'Chart O fAccounts'[SubHeader] ) = TRUE (),
    MAX ( Headers[Sub-total?] ) = 1

Many thanks, mate.

Two little things that I cant get my head around yet: 1) Not sure why it works for the Actuals but not the forecast, if the measures are the same for both; and 2) How to fix this.

I will keep digging.


@ageber, @AntrikshSharma In that file the relationship between Profit Center table and Forecast table was on the wrong column, Vessel Name, instead of Profit Center. When I corrected it, the issue was resolved.

Many thanks, @datazoe!

I knew it was something easy that was off. Lesson learned about the importance of setting up relationships correctly.

@ageber The only reason I know to check is I’ve done it myself so many times! :slight_smile: Glad it’s all sorted now.