Single row in matrix view


I want to have a single row on a matrix grid that show all customer on columns for an inventory ID. That is simple to do but what I want is to have other attributes of that inventory item (desc, MSRP, Avail QTY) show up in column without it creating a drill down hierarchy. I can not see how to do that, is this possible? Thanks.


Can you add some images of where you’re at currently, it’s difficult to imagine everything at play here. Thanks


Would like to have Attributes of InventoryItems Such as Selling Price, Lead time, Etc. appear next to InventoryID without having to drill down


Oh ok, this shouldn’t be too difficult,

All you need to do is select this


That’s it really.

Give it a go.


That would have been simple but that just expands the hierarchy does not flatten


Ok maybe I’m not understanding what you mean by ‘flatten’.

You can change the look of the matrix in the formatting section where it says ‘rows’. I think this should do it.

This is similar to the financial examples I’ve created. Like the below.