Showing Top 20 Customers


Hi Sam and Fellow Power BI Users!

I have a fact table regarding the sales transactions of roughly 100 customers.

I managed to break down the sales by “Top 20 customers” and others, what I also need to do is have Top 1 to Top 20 customers presented with their name, and all the rest grouped as others, like the image below

Is there anyway I can upload my data model so you guys can have a better context?


Sure can you create a zip file and place it in this thread


What will be needed here will be some derivative of the techniques showcased in this video

Send through the model though and can have a look for you


Yes Sam the Dynamic technique is a mouthful but it works just like you said…thanks again for this!

I have applied this to other things (top 3 largest forecast costs) and it works very well…Funny how complicated these iterations work …good job with explanation too


I have shared the model to you and thanks for looking into this :slight_smile:


Ok so how to solve this specific problem is very similar to the video.

Here’s a picture of the result and the formulas used. (I just went to top three)


So there’s a bit to the formula but gets a great result I think.


I think also just have a good think about how you want to visualize this two. Because you could also use other techniques to showcase what you want in a slightly different way.

Here’s an example of what I mean.


Agree Garry there’s a bit to it. But I also do think that this type of insight is virtually impossible to find and setup effectively in excel and the fact you can do it in one formula is really great.

DAX is amazing like that. One formula and you can achieve fantastic insights.


Would be great to demo a dynamic grouping based on say a text value instead on number value…Would that be possible?


Like the answer above or different?

Here’s an example of one you could also use.