Showcase cumulative YTD and average month YTD

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to calculate the cumulative total of my data table to get a final output like this one:

I was able to make cumulative actual to work since it was just the sum of the individual charges in that month. I used the formula below:

Cumulative Actual = TOTALYTD(SUM(Ledger[ActualDollars]),Ledger[GLDGJ],FILTER(ALL(Ledger_GLDJ[full_date]),Ledger_GLDJ[full_date] <= MAX(Ledger_GLDJ[full_date])))

But I’m still figuring out how to get the cumulative actual of the average month based in the current year. Any suggestions to go around this?


Check out this video here for cumulative totals.

Also check out this video here as well. I think this will have some ideas for you as well around the averages.

I think you can simplify things here a little bit.