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Hello everyone,
I have a Measure which shows me the top salesman of a customer. This works very well in a visualization. I would like to calculate this now in a calculated column and there is only one salesperson for all customers. Does anyone have an idea how I can set the context in the calculated column correctly?

My Measure is
    main-sales-people = 
        SUMMARIZE('Customer Sales';'Customer Sales'[Sales People];"main sales people"; [Total Days Transactions]);
        [main sales people]);
        'Customer Sales'[Sales People])

I need the context for each customer

I used to do this project before. And I used this video created by Sam. I recommend using this:

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Thanks, for your response but this is Not the Right Solution for me. My Measure works Fine in a visualisation. I need the top salespeople in a slicer as filter in a calculated column

I don’t think you can use a measure as a slicer. Have you tried MAX instead of MAXX?.

If you want to rank within a calculated column you need to use RANKX. And you’re formula would be relatively simple here. Just using the main parameters within RANKX. That’s it.

TOPN returns a table and is not appropriate for use generally within calculated columns.

Also I feel from a visual perspective you can probably get what you need using measures here instead of calculated columns.

Maybe add a demo pbix file with what you are trying to showcase and more specific assistance could be offered on it.


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Hey Sam, i used the measur in a visualisation an it works fine. The formula is the same as in your post.

I need it in a calculated column to use the values in a slicer as filter. in example in my case, i will filtering for a salesperson and showing only the customers where he is the top salesperson.
Do you have an idea how i can used in a slicer as filter?

Hello, I have tested a little. With the RankX function the visualization works the values are displayed in the visualization, but in the calculated column the function behaves differently.
here my measures:
RankedSalespeople = RANKX(ALL('Sales People'[Sales People]);[Total Days Transactions];;DESC)

SalespeopleName = CALCULATE(SELECTEDVALUE('Sales People'[Sales People]);FILTER(VALUES('Sales People'[Sales People]);[RankedSalespeople]=1))

And this is how the measures in the calculated column behave

Yes that’s correct. RANKX works very differently in a calculated column due to the original content of the calculation.

I would recommend using measures here. There is no need to use calculated columns for logic like this.

Always look to use measures whereever possible.

Here’s a really detailed workshop on ranking techniques including RANKX. A really good one to go through for this.


Sorry I overlooked your use case.

For the calculated column try a technique similar to this

    FILTER (
        Table[Column] = EARLIER ( Table[Column] )

The EARLIER function is what you usually need in the calculated column to make it work.

Try this.


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Hi, thanks for this recommendation. I have testes a bit and i think a calculated column is not the right solution for my case. I would like to be able to filter by the salesperson so that the customers are displayed where he is stored as a top sales person.
like in the mockup
Do you have an idea?

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Does anyone have an idea how to solve this case?