Show Results Up To Current Date Or A Specific Date In Power BI

Enterprise DNA Team,

My attempt to replicate this was not successful. It continues to project forward the numbers for one entity that has earlier end date “Independence” and not the other “Pagebeth”. It seems that something else should be done to contextualize this

88 HURON PLACE Test.pbix (108.7 KB)

Values projecting forward.docx (89.1 KB)
88 HURON PLACE.xlsx (581.9 KB)

To work this out all I did was break out this variable

Straight away you can see it’s not evaluating correctly. Due to the ALL is just looking to find the last day of the data.

So it works if you select 2019 but not anything before that. (like 2018)

Probably that best thing to do here in your case is just to wrap a simple IF( ISBLANK around this

Interest YTD measure = 
VAR  YTDInterest = TOTALYTD( [Total Interest], Dates[Date])

IF( ISBLANK( [Total Interest] ), BLANK(), YTDInterest )


Great! Thanks. It works perfectly :smile: