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Show Months for Continuous Year--on-Year Chart with Daily Granularity

What I am trying to achieve:

  • Year-on-Year visualization
  • Daily Granularity
  • Showing Months on the X-Axis
  • Continuous (would settle for a zoom slider or something, just not the scroll bar)

Excel makes it look easy


But in Power BI this is one of these typical “looks straightforward but nope” things.

What I have tried:

Chiclet Hack

Overlay the X axis with a formatted chiclet slicer.


  • When you switch off a few months, the chiclets don’t align. This is okay-ish to some extent, but as you can see in the above example there are limits.
  • If I have to switch all interactions each and every time I need a graph like this I am going to lose my mind.

Overlay Hack 1: drill down two values


  • Not continuous
  • Month values keep repeating

Overlay Hack 2: drill down Date Hierarchy, leave out year


  • Not continuous

I also looked into DAX formatting tricks, but came up empty there as well.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

.pbix demo below, detailing the above three methods.

daily-x-axis-yoy-view-month-demo.pbix (466.7 KB)

Have you tried creating a dummy date column that has a consistent year for your X axis?
eDNA Solution - daily-x-axis-yoy-view-month-demo.pbix (478.5 KB)



Genius, marked as solution!

Note to those who want to replicate: You still want to use the chicklet hack together with the dummy data to hide the year.

Second note: Somewhere else somebody told me you can use Charticulator custom visual to this end, but I have not tested that as of yet.

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glad you liked it, this was a fun challenge :slight_smile:

One important note I forgot to mention - you need to choose a LEAP year for this hack - otherwise you might lose data if your actual year’s data includes February 29th. That’s why I choose 2000 as the dummy year.

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