Show Label only on one date using conditional formatting

I want to only show the label on March 29, 2024 using the new conditional formatting option for labels.
Here is my Measure:

CF Bud vs Actuals Labels =
VAR _Date = Date (2024, 03, 29)
VAR _MaxdateGL = MAX(‘GL 2017-18 to 2023-24’[JEDate]) - 2
VAR Result =
_Date = _MaxdateGL, “RGBA(220,68,5,1)”,
_Date <> _MaxdateGL, “RGBA(0,0,0,0)”

Nevertheless the formula show March 31st instead of March 29th. (See below in a table)
Screenshot 2024-05-05 104856
Thank you!

@Jean-Marc ,

Welcome back to Forum.

It seems this is a measure for color. What is for the values ?
What is in JEDate and is it same Date in table or not ?

Could you maybe share sample PBIx for this ?