Show events based on opening date as well as closing date

Events.xlsx (297.6 KB)

I have this file (attached) that shows dates when events were opened or closed. I am trying to create two correspondent measures:

  • one to show how many events were opened in a certain month;
  • another to show how many events were closed in a certain month.

The result that I am looking for is similar to the manual solution on top of the sheet (range F1:T3 ).

There is no luck, using DAX. The solution I was thinking of fell flat. The manual one works wonders.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

This is the exact technique you want to review with this.

See below - It’s called the Events In Progress technique

Follow the technique here exactly and you’ll see how you can calculated both of these.

The key is to understand how the USERELATIONSHIP function works. This is a key function that has some very useful usages. So a great one to review in-depth.

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Holy Molly, I would not have thought of this - so easy.
Thank you, Sam!

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Now I understand better. I just discovered that I have been missing on this forum