Short Month Column not sorting in Slicer

I feel like the answer to this is going to be simple and i have read and tried the solutions in other forums but i still cant get it to work.
I am using Sams date table and have added a Short Month column into the table and want to use this as a slicer in my visualisation. When i use it in the slicer the order of the months is not in the correct month order e.g Jan, Feb, Mar etc instead the order is Apr, Aug, Dec, Feb, Jan, Jul, Jun, Mar, May, Nov , Oct Sep?? i have read in other solutions to use the Sort by Column function and sort using the MonthnYear column but when i try this i get an error message saying ‘There cant be more than one value in " monthnyear for the same value in Short Month. Please choose a different column for sorting or update the MonthnYear’

Help please


If you sort Short Month by the MonthOfYear field (see screenshot below) it will put your slicer in correct order. MonthOfYear is just the month number without the year, which is what you need to avoid the error message you were getting.


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Hi Brian

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond…i knew it was going to be a simple solution… i realise now where i was going wrong i was selecting the MonthnYear column to sort on and not the MonthofYear.

Thanks again for your help.


Sure - glad to help.

@sam.mckay’s Date table is great, but I was finding that I had to regularly jump back and forth between views to make sure that I was using the right field/forrmat, so I created the simple “cheat sheet” below that I keep handy when working with time intelligence functions. Thought you might find it useful as well.

  • Brian

@BrianJ excellent thanks Brian