Sharing PBI report to AD group but adding individual members to RLS roles

Hi Fellow Power BI,

When I share a PBI report to an active directory group, is it possible to add individual members into separate RLS roles (instead of adding the AD group to a single role)? I have an AD Group called PBI-Expense with 10 members, say A-J. Then I have 2 RLS roles - Dept1 and Dept2. Can I share the report to the PBI-Expnse AD group (so that I only have to share once) and then for RLS add members A-E to Dept1 role and members F-J to Dept2 role?

The idea is I want to share reports to large groups by sharing to AD groups. But then for RLS, I want to be able to assign individual members to different roles instead of the whole group to a single role.

Any ideas on how to do this?



Sorry for the late reply but this isn’t really my specialty, hopefully another member might have some insight here.