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Sharing content from multiple workspaces/datasets


Can you please suggest me the way we can share content from multiple workspaces/datasets/dashboards/reports to single group i know apps but that is only for one workspace ?

Thanks in advance.


If you need to share to a specific group in your organization, I think you will need to set up each workspace (or app, or report) with the group information.

With Apps (but oddly not with reports or workspaces), you are able to share with your entire organization - so if the group is your entire company, you have that option as well.

Thanks Heather for the reply.

Does apps need premium license to access? also my requirement is i have reports in different workspaces and can i share single dashboard from multiple reports/workspaces to multiple groups.

:smiley: Apps do not require premium license, my users are all using pro licenses, and this works just fine.

:frowning: I do not use dashboards for my reports (I let the end-user build their own dashboard if needed), but my understanding is that you cannot create a dashboard from multiple workspaces.

As for how many groups you can share to, I don’t know of a limit of how many groups you can share with.

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Apologies for getting back late yes i’m happy to close the thread i got the answer required.


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