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SharePoint List Flow and 8 - 48 refreshes DataSet

I have SharePoint List and I created a Flow, whenever the item is created or modified it refreshes the Data Set but after 8 - 48 Tries it stopped, is there any way i can remove this count …

The solution i have is to Schedule a Refresh and then two … three or Four time in day …
But can i remove the 8 - 48 tries and let the dataset refreshes whenever the Item is created or Modified .

Thank you,
Best regards,
Muhammad Khan

I think this will require Premium capacity - so if you have that, you’re set. If you don’t have Premium, than you are bound to limited refreshes.

Below is a link that discusses how unlimited refresh can work in a Premium workspace:

Thank you Heather, How would I know that I am Pro or Premium user
As it doesn’t allow refreshes after 8th attempt and I asked my admin they says it is premium…
What is the difference where i can identify that it is pro or premium… also can the data be refreshed after 48th time using the flow

The articles say it is unlimited

No personal experience, but my understanding is max 8x per day Pro and 48x per day Premium … not heard of unlimited refreshes, rather up-to-the-minute querying with Direct Query.

Hi, Mohammed,

Basic intro –

When a PBI is connected to SharePoint List, you have an option to set it on a scheduled refresh. As Heather and Greg mentioned, for a Power BI Shared Capacity, the current limits are 8 per day and for a dataset in Premium it is up to 48 times a day.

That being said, if your source (dataset is SharePoint) then once every hour your data will get refreshed as it does for all OD and SP sources.

What would help to know here, is the refresh that you mentioned, is it in Flow or is it on Power BI. If it is Flow then you have a separate cadence for refreshes.


Hi Ansh,
Thank you for the explanation, now that lead me to few other questions.

  1. SharePoint Folder (Connection)
    I upload the document in the Library and then make the connection from that File in the SharePoint Folder, it doesnt get updated every hour, except that I had to install the Personal Mode Gateway and then get it connected with that report and then I was able to schedule otherwise it was greyed out.

  2. Can you Guide me on how Can I configure the On-Premises Gateway for PBI Specifically.

Hi, Mohammed,

The file in the SharePoint does not require a gateway. It should not even ask you for it. But I can guess the issue is that within Power Query, it is taking the url path to the local instance of the file. Please share the screen shot of the M Code and I can help you with that.

Even though I said a gateway is not needed, it can be used to have user controlled refresh cadence. Yes I can definitely help you with the gateway installation. Though I would like to first try to make this non dependent on gateway. But if you wish to still have a gateway, I can help with that as well.

Another tip: The option to schedule a refresh is always greyed out, unless the machine has at least one instance of gateway installed. This is by design. The is able to figure out if a gateway is installed or not. As soon as you install any type of gateway, the options is available for scheduling a refresh.

You mentioned you installed Personal Mode gateway, is there any specific reason why are you not using the enterprise gateway?

On a single machine only one instance of each gateway can be installed (one personal mode and one enterprise mode). I would recommend using the enterprise mode,

The steps are as follows,

  1. download the installer file,
  2. Run this file, and it should ask you for the gateway name, and credentials,
  3. These credentials are the ones that you use in Power BI Service (
  4. There is a recovery key that must be entered, please do so and KEEP IT SAFE as it cannot be retrieved, even by Power BI Support(I know that because I used to work there :))
  5. Once it is installed, configure the data source in the service. (this is your SharePoint file) by adding a data source to this gateway.

Including the steps and the official documentation as well here.

@mohammedkhan11, Please do let me know if you need anything else.

@BrianJ and EDNA team, is there anyway, I can have screen share with someone asking the questions. Usually for DAX or M code related problems we do not need screen share but when it comes to troubleshooting, it is usually good and faster if someone can do the screen share.


Thank you Ansh,
It would be great if i dont have to use the Gateway, please find the attached screenshot where I use SharePoint Folder and then when i goto, the option of the Gateway is ON and GreyedOut

Hi Ansh,
Any thoughts on that?

Hi @mohammedkhan11,

Two ways we can change it, and it depends on the following question.

Do you have access to the SharePoint site DevTest or do you just have access to the file (an .xlsx file) with the site?

  1. If it is only the file that you have access to then, open the excel file in desktop app, go to info, copy the path, and remove everything after “?”
  2. use web as the source in Power BI and paste the modified url,
  3. This may prompt you for credential verification
  4. Your file should load in power BI

Option 2:
Choose Sharepoint Folder as the connector,
Remove everything in M code till SharePoint.files and replace .file with .Contents
This should lead you to a preview where you can choose the folder where the file is stored.

Once that is done, proceed normally as you would,
Then publish the report.

As you can see, I do not have a gateway. Now I will update the values in my excel sheet and once I hit manual (on demand refresh it will refresh the file)

If I had not done the on demand refresh then the file will refresh automatically after one hour Power BI will check for the changes and will update it. This change however would be against the file

Alternatively, I also configure these as shown below and these do not need any gateway

[Red More here,](Data refresh in Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Docs). Combining web connector to SharePoint, you can get all these automatically.

Hope this helps.

HI Ansh,
Can you guide me over by sharing screen … I can share my screen and you can guide me
my email address is
I have a Owner’s Access to the SharePoint DevSite and I have uploaded the file into the sharepoint …
I couldn’t quite follow you on removing everything

This is seriously urgent and would appreciate if we can have this 10 minutes session …

Hi, Mk,

That works, sent the invite. Let see if we can wrap this up asap


Thank you Anshuman, this worked pretty well.
I opted for the Option 2 you stated.

Thank you Once Again.
Best regards,

Hi, Mk,
Pleasure is all mine :slight_smile: