Share Report with many Clients

I hope you can help me.

My organisation has many clients.
Each client has his own database (the same structure).
We would like to create a few reports and share the reports with them.
In the future, if a report will change, instead of changing for example 50 files (50 clients), we would like to change only one.

What is the best solution for this?

I was thinking about 2 solutions.

  1. Merge all databases into one and use RLS - but this is very risky
  2. Solution is:
    Create a report in Power BI desktop and use parameters (hostname and database).
    Create a separate workspace for each client and export the report
    Set the parameters for each client.
    Share the workspace with another organisation (client)

The problem is, each time when I change and upload the report I have to set parameters for each client again.

Any suggestions?

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Hi @gladyce15 - Is it possible to create a centralized Data Repository i.e. Create a single Source of truth and combine data from all the clients.

Then this combined data can be loaded into the single report and access to data can be maintained using RLS.

Ankit J

Thank you, but I mentioned about this

“1. Merge all databases into one and use RLS - but this is very risky”

Hi @gladyce15 - I can also think of these two options only that you have already mentioned.

Ankit J

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