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Several sessions not working in Solving Analytical Scenarios w/Power BI & DAX

Hi everybody,

Not sure if anyone has brought this up before but I found that in the course ## Solving Analytical Scenarios w/Power BI & DAX

Videos in the sessions between “% of Total” and “Forcasting is not working” are not working. When I click the video it is white and not showing anything.

I have no problem on playing some latest vidoe or the videos from session “Parameter Tables”. I am wondering what happened to these courses. SInce I am following the learing cruve so I’d like to study these courses before moving on. I do have some difficults to start with Parameter Tables :wink:



yeh i agree that course isn’t coming up within the window when you click on it. But if you click on download then it works fine.


It’s blank on my computer. The website doesn’t show the download button either.

if you click on the course,

this what shows up when i click on the course

when i click on complete the course and go to the next module
nothing show up

there is something wrong with the module


Hi @JamesQi, apologies for the technical issue on the course. We are collaborating with the platform tech support on why the videos are not showing up despite being uploaded. Thanks!


Thanks. Looking forward to view them soon.

The issue has been fixed, kindly visit the course again and hope that you continue with your learning progress. Thanks!